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Joe Huser

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Every year the pundits make forecasts and the gods laugh. Occasionally there’s a prescient glimpse into the future, but mostly the prognostications turn into goo as events shapeshift the year into something never expected.  Against that backdrop clients face problems with real consequences and must make timely decisions. As a young lawyer Joe might have thought that he helped his clients to see into the future. On the best days that might happen, but he’s a lawyer, not a psychic. Now his opinion is that the best lawyers provide emotionally detached guidance based on broad legal fluency. With discretion, he informs his clients of various options and potential risks to consider in their decision. Together, they get as far as they can see and from there, they can see farther.

In his practice, he serves as general counsel for privately held companies, family offices, business owners and middle market firms. In this current capacity he addresses commercial matters and agreements, intellectual property issues, data privacy concerns, disputes and, when necessary, lawsuits and arbitrations for his clients. His clients typically seek his advice on all legal matters, even those for which it is known that more specialized expertise will ultimately be sought.


Joe is a graduate of Notre Dame Law and received his undergraduate degree from DePauw University. Before establishing his own practice, he was in the corporate and securities department at Baker & McKenzie where he worked in venture capital and international transactions. He is licensed in California and Wisconsin.




“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther.”

J.P. Morgan ~

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