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Business Building

Sayings become cliches because they contain elements of truth. Thus, it is lonely at the top. Customers can’t know of the struggles endured by the business. Employees feel more secure without knowing the messy details of conflicts in the executive team. Competitors watch and lawsuits lurk in the shadows.


Joe’s view is simple. He succeeds when clients succeed. Over time he tends to become the go to advisor for his clients who are battling it out at the top.


He will discuss objectives with a client and if he has the experience and fluency to solve it, then he will engage to do so and if not, he will assist in finding the right lawyer.


He’s provided advice about opening or acquiring businesses, the establishment of entities, negotiations of operating agreements and the establishment of non-profit entities. Additionally, he’s drafted the standard routine commercial agreements for dozens of clients and structured partnership, option or equity stakes for the acquisition of key talent. He has represented and provided counsel to clients in equity or debt financings for the expansion of the business.


If you are working to build your business, then schedule a call with Joe to tackle your immediate challenges.

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