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Contract Strategy & Review


Contract review is at the heart of Joe’s practice. Throughout his practice he has seen agreements presented as fait accompli -- but that is almost never so. Certainly, not every term can be negotiated, but Joe has a keen eye for identifying legal issues and protecting clients from onerous terms.


As Joe is fond of saying, the very best protection is to do business with the right people. The costs of enforcing a contract are always higher than a business partner who fulfills their duties in good faith. Nevertheless, any business with a body of thoughtful and strategic contracts is in a measurably better position than its competitors.


It's impossible to compile a complete list of all of the types of agreements that Joe has reviewed. But some of the examples include: Leases, Marketing Agreements, Purchase Agreements, RTB Programmatic Advertising Agreements, Advertiser Service Agreements, Data Processing Agreements, Operating Agreements, Promissory Notes, Stock Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Security Agreements, Loan Agreements, Production Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Development Agreements, Master Supply Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Option Agreements, Dealership Agreements, Fleet Lease Agreements and Consignment Agreements.

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